A wedding photographer can capture so many special moments from the ceremony to the reception. But did you know that a professional photographer is also an essential part of your elopement?

Elopements give you the chance to have an intimate wedding focused on what is important to you while leaving out many aspects of a large wedding that may not be as important. Additionally, an elopement allows you to pick a location that often can not accommodate the size of a large wedding. This opens up the opportunity to have your ceremony in the woods, on a pier, or even on a rock on the side of a lake. The possibilities are endless.

Regardless of your reason for choosing to elope, one thing you don’t want to save money on is professional photography. You will want to capture your memorable day with beautiful pictures. Additionally, a lot of friends and family won’t be in attendance, and sharing these photos with them will be something you want to be able to enjoy after the ceremony. Having a photographer at your elopement is essential!

Things To Remember About Hiring A Photographer

When hiring photographers, it is important to try to book ahead. Many photographers are booking 6 months to 1 year in advance. Elopements can sometimes be spontaneous but don’t let that stop you from reaching out to professional photographers. 

Sometimes it is easier just to have a friend take pictures. The problem with many elopements is the landscape. Many professionals have experience in challenging settings. Mountains, water, trees, and other outdoor landscapes can create challenges with lighting, and taking great pictures is difficult. Hiring a photographer who has worked in these elements can make all the difference.

It’s also always great to know whether your photographer has been to your elopement location (or a location similar) and knows some off-the-beaten paths near where you want to elope. They may have some great ideas on where to take amazing pictures! 

Remember that when you elope, you will still need a marriage license and in some cases, a permit for your desired location. Be sure to plan ahead if you want a specific location that is popular, especially during the peak wedding season months. Just because you are eloping does not mean you don’t need to plan. 


It’s easy to skip many aspects of a large wedding when planning your elopement, but don’t let the photographer be one of them. Go all out when it comes to taking pictures and having a photographer at your elopement. 

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