Your big day is a special moment that you and your guests will want to remember. Beyond having a wedding photographer capture all the best moments of the event, you can also set up a photo booth for your guests to have fun with!

It’s a fun way to make the wedding even more interactive and engaging for everybody. Besides, everybody loves a good photo booth.

Here are some fun things you can add to make your wedding photo booth more memorable.

1. Bring in the Balloons

If you’re having a fun, casual wedding, a bunch of colorful, themed balloons can serve as both cool, decorative elements and fun props to play around with.

You don’t even have to limit yourself to classic balloons. Go for inflatables that can add that extra element of uniqueness to the photo. There are tons of awesome options out there, like a fake bottle of champagne or a giant engagement ring.

2. Set Up Your Wedding Sign

Why not have it crystal clear in photographs that it’s your wedding? People can celebrate the big day with you by engaging with wedding signs that have the newlyweds’ names on them. Having a wedding sign can be fun yet classy all at once.

If you’re thinking of going quirkier, you can even have your faces on the signs for people to pose with.

3. Install Some Hanging Décor

You can make your photo booth pop a little more even without your guests even needing props if you install some curated hanging décor.

You can put up some warm fairy lights and hang a metallic piñata crystal with confetti to create an elevated yet welcoming space. Doing so adds more dimension to the photos and can help attract more guests to use the photo booth.

4. Go Wild With Props

Why limit yourself to plain photos? If you already have wedding coverage, you’ll have a lot of that to choose from.

Photo booths are where you can really have some fun. If you really want to make your wedding photo booth more memorable, go wild with props that are as much functional as they are enjoyable. Masks, hats, and different toys or interactive props can really bring out the laughs and good times.

If you still want to stick to a theme or color palette, you can always get props that fit into that.

5. Provide Wedding-Themed Costumes

You’re having a wedding, so why not indulge in some fun costumes that are related to the theme of the wedding or couple? These don’t have to be complicated costumes that will be difficult to change into for wedding guests, either.

You can get some masks, fake beards, wigs, robes, glasses, clip-on shirts—you name it. These can really bring home the theme of the wedding and let other couples and friends have some fun capturing these memories.


These are just some ideas you can use to really make your wedding photo booth more memorable. It’s a life-changing event, so why not go all-out and make it fun to capture?

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