There are so many elements that go into planning the perfect wedding. You have to consider everything from the venue, suits, dresses, entertainment, and so much more. But perhaps, one of the most important parts of any wedding—is the food. Weddings are a celebration of love, and no celebration is complete without food.

Considering your never-ending list of things to do, the two best options you have for food are either a wedding package or a la carte services. There are different advantages to both. However, the most reliable option is getting a wedding package.

This article will discuss the benefits of a wedding package over a la carte services.

Wedding Package

More Bang for Your Buck

Planning a wedding can be expensive. The dresses, the suits, and the venue alone will cost you a pretty penny. That’s why it’s essential to set a flexible budget beforehand and do your best to work within it. While the wedding might be the first day of your marriage, it shouldn’t break the bank. 

Getting a wedding package can save you a lot of money while also offering more value. Wedding packages often include everything from the space, caterer, cake, bar, and so on. You need to be extra mindful of the details to ensure that everything you need doesn’t lie beyond a host of expensive upgrades. 

When you’re finally sure of the details, it’s all too easy to see the benefits of a wedding package.

Worry-Free Services

One of the best benefits of a wedding package is that it comes with an on-site coordinator. Most venues will have a point person that can coordinate with your point person about the food, the drinks, and everything else. Having a person dedicated solely to organizing the food and ensuring everyone is fed leaves less room for mistakes.

The last thing any couple wants to worry about is hungry guests. It can put a significant damper on the event and leave people feeling grumpy. On such a happy occasion, it’s best to pull out all the stops and leave no room for small disasters like hangry people. 

A la Carte Services

Curated Menu

One of the biggest reasons people choose to go a la carte is that it provides more options and room for personalization. The opportunity to curate your menu is a huge plus, especially for couples with particular tastes. 

For couples that want a unique and one-of-a-kind wedding experience, food plays a huge role. On the other hand, it also allows people to get a little more creative. It just depends on your vision and how best to make it a reality. 

Designated Point Person

The drawback of getting a la carte services for your wedding is that it will require a designated person to plan, organize, and take care of everything. The thing with a la carte services is that it doesn’t always come with a person like that. Of course, that’s not the end of the world.

As long as you have a team to ensure the wedding runs smoothly, they should also take care of the a la carte services. There are just more moving parts, so there’s a bit more room for mistakes. It may or may not cause a few mistakes when your wedding day finally comes. 


Next to the ceremony and the bride’s dress, good food is going to be one of the most memorable things about your wedding. However, anyone who has ever planned a wedding will tell you that food should be high on your priority, especially if you have a long guest list. 

You have to go with the option that leaves no room for mistakes. With a wedding package, you can cross one big thing off your list of things to worry about. Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, enjoy it without any worries.

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