2020 hasn’t exactly been kind to anyone planning a wedding. Many of our couples who planned on getting married in 2020 had to postpone their wedding celebration to next year, a couple even moved to 2022. There were a few who were determined to keep their wedding date in 2020, like Gillian and Michael.


Originally, Gillian and Michael planned on a lakeside celebration with 150 of their closest family and friends. Due to COVID, they weighed out the pros and cons of postponing their wedding. Once they made their decision, they called to let us know their plan. In their asian cultures, it is believed to be bad luck to postpone your wedding date so they decided to keep their original wedding day but move venues. 

Even though it was a tough decision to pivot from a large celebration to a small intimate ceremony; we were elated they kept their date. Plus their new location has some of the most spectacular views of Lake Tahoe so that was another bonus. 

Like many couples who visit Lake Tahoe, they rented a vacation rental home near the ceremony location. That is where their wedding day begins. Our team arrived at the home to capture the first ceremony of the day.

Michael and his family are Chinese so the couple decided that having the Chinese Tea Ceremony prior to their wedding ceremony was a must. Both the bride and groom serve tea to their parents, their new in-laws and other elders. This tea ceremony symbolizes the two families coming together and the couple’s gratitude towards their families. 

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weddingOnce the tea ceremony concluded, it was time to prepare for their mountain top ceremony. The ladies gentlemen split up into their separate rooms to put on their wedding attire. 

weddingFirst, we visit the groom as he prepares for the ceremony with his father.In the room was a small side table where all of Michael’s special details were laid out. Pink suspenders with a matching bow tie, his watch, pocket square, custom made engraved wooden cufflinks and a bottle of whiskey. The two crack open the brand new bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label and toast to his marriage. Michael’s father helps him get ready and you see pride beaming from his father’s eyes. Now it was time to capture the bride in her wedding dress.


Our bride Gillian is gorgeous with or without makeup and her energetic personality is another thing that makes her beautiful. But put this girl in a Pronovias wedding gown and she is even more captivating. Gillian had one of the most beautiful dresses we’ve ever seen. Her gorgeous gown was paired with Badgley Mischka’s glamorous satin shoes with the heel embellished in decadent rhinestones.  Her mother and soon-to-be mother in law helped her with jewelry and final touches then it was time for a sweet first look before heading to the wedding ceremony.



wedding wedding weddingEmerald Bay State Park has some of the most magnificent views of Lake Tahoe. This was a stunning location for their wedding ceremony. Even though it was a cloudy day, that spot is just magical. As the wedding party arrived, everyone took their places so the ceremony could begin. 

Michael walked down the aisle with his parents on either side of him. The rest of the family made their way down the aisle and then it was Gillian’s turn. She also walked with her parents at her side. Within a few steps towards the direction of her soon-to-be husband, her eyes started to swell with happy tears. 

wedding wedding wedding

Their wedding ceremony was so romantic! They both wrote the sweetest vows and read them vows aloud for all to hear. As they exchanged rings, the officiant pronounced them husband and wife and they sealed their vows with a kiss. They were now married! 

wedding wedding wedding wedding wedding

The newlyweds enjoyed the moment on the mountaintop with their family and our team captured footage of their celebration. We followed them to the Chart House for a sit down dinner then it was back to the vacation rental for some more wedding fun. Gillian and Michael shared a first dance that they planned on performing in front of their family and friends. Their families joined them for a few dances and all you could see were their smiling joyous faces. 

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Even though 2020 has been harsh, seeing couples live out their story is something we have so much gratitude for. It just goes to show you that a little determination, perseverance and creativity can make anything happen. 

View Gillian & Michael’s bite-sized wedding trailer to see a little more for their romantic celebration. 


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