Congratulations, you just got engaged! Now comes the fun part—planning your wedding day! 

Aside from picking a date and choosing the perfect dress, searching wedding venues is one of the first things to do! Finding the ideal venue for your wedding ceremony and reception is one of the most significant decisions you and your fiance should make.

Do you want a tropical destination wedding, a solemn church ceremony, or an intimate backyard affair? The choice is yours, and the possibilities for your wedding event are endless. 

While wedding preps are exciting, thinking about all the details can get exhausting. So to help you get started, we’ve listed five helpful tips to keep in my mind when searching those wedding venues in the “biggest little city” for your special day.

Set your Budget

Your wedding fund dictates everything about your big day, from your dress, food, flowers, souvenirs, and yes—down to your venue. That’s why it’s crucial that you sit down with your fiance and set a realistic working budget.

Reno, Nevada, is known for its quick wedding venues and beautiful mountain resorts. The Arch of Reno is where you can bring your closest friends and elope any day of the week. Or, if you are looking for something a little more upscale and have time to reserve your venue, check out The Elm Estate, where farmhouse and modern beauty collide. 

Estimate the Number of Guests

You may not have come up with a final guest list yet, but having an estimated figure will give you a better idea of where to hold your wedding. For example, if you want a small private gathering, you can choose a more intimate location like an exclusive restaurant or your parent’s backyard. 

If you and your fiancé want to invite all your friends, extended family, and co-workers, you’ll have to choose something that would accommodate a larger crowd. Mt. Rose Winters Creek Lodge is a great venue to seek out for an extensive guest list. Located on the edge of Slide Mountain, you will not be able to escape the gorgeous views of Washoe Valley and the surrounding mountains. 

Pick a Wedding Date

Remember, those popular wedding venues can get booked many months in advance. Hotels have long waiting lists, especially during peak wedding season. To ensure you get a pencil booking, decide on your date early. Doing so will also allow you to book other suppliers, such as florists, photographers, and caterers.

Decide on Your Wedding Theme

These days, couples want their wedding to reflect their personalities. One way to highlight your vision is to hold the wedding in a venue that will complement it. 

Having your big day outdoors at night adds a romantic vibe, while hosting it at a barn brings out a more rustic, country charm. Also, you can save on flowers and decor costs by matching your venue to your theme.

Scout Multiple Locations

It’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful wedding venue. However, refrain yourselves from booking the first location you see. Instead, take the time to canvas and scout other places. While it may be time-consuming, it helps to have comparisons and different options. 

Try listing at least three venues before making a final decision—it’s also a great date activity with your fiance!

By booking the perfect venue for your big day, you’re one step closer to saying, “I do.” So consider these tips and have fun with wedding planning!

If you are looking for the best wedding venues in Reno, NV, or Lake Tahoe, contact us today! We’re happy to help.

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