Just because you are having a small wedding doesn’t mean you should skimp on the wedding DJ. Many couples have been affected by COVID and have made the difficult decision to either postpone their wedding or keep their original wedding date but downsize their guestlist to stay within social distancing guidelines. 

For those who have opted to keep their original wedding date and minimize their guestlist, you may be wondering if you still need a wedding DJ for your small wedding. It all depends on how small your guest count is and what events you have planned for your small wedding.

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Epik Weddings performs at a small wedding in Sparks, Nevada.

When you think about your big day, even with your smaller-sized guest count, do you envision music as you walk down the aisle? How about the reception? Will you have a first dance or special toasts? While you think about the answers to those questions, here are some reasons why you’ll want to hire a wedding DJ for your small wedding.

1. An Epik DJ plays more than music, we host your event 

A good wedding DJ plays more than music, they help MC and coordinate the flow of events. Our team works behind the scenes and collaborates with your planner/coordinator plus all your other vendors to help make your big day truly unforgettable. All you have to do is think about enjoying this special day with all your favorite people.

2. Setting the Mood

Music sets the tone for the event. Silence during the wrong times can sometimes feel deafening and kill the mood. Our talented and enthusiastic DJs will curate a playlist of your favorite music and mix it in at the right moments. From your processional song (the song to which you walk down the aisle) to your final dance, you’ll always remember the soundtrack from your big day. 

3. Equipped for Weddings

Sure, bringing a speaker and connecting an aux cable to your favorite Spotify playlist will take care of the silence but what about the sound during your vows? We’ve got the equipment to ensure that everyone in your small wedding can hear your vows during a windy, outdoor ceremony. Discrete wireless microphones produce powerful sound while being almost invisible for wedding photos. Another bonus: the DJ sound system can be a redundancy for the videographer’s audio needs. 

4. You Won’t Regret It

In the past, couples would have a family friend who knew both sides of the family well enough to host the wedding festivities. Times certainly have changed since then. Give your loved ones the opportunity to be present with you as you all celebrate this incredibly special occasion by hiring a DJ to host your small wedding. Hiring a professional DJ will maximize the engagement of your guests during the finite amount of time to celebrate your love story.

Your wedding day is all about your love. Let’s amplify your love story on your wedding day and let everyone around you experience it. We’ll give movement to your love story through vibrant music that gets people dancing. A great wedding DJ can be the difference between a really good wedding and an unforgettable one. What kind of small wedding would you rather have? 

You’ve got a love story; we’re here to help you tell it.

People dancing together on the dance floor Epik Weddings DJ’s a small wedding in Sparks, Nevada.

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4 Reasons Why You Should to Hire a wedding DJ for Your Small Wedding