If you are hosting a company holiday party, there are many different things you may want to plan. A common addition to a holiday party is hiring a professional DJ to keep the music going. This is a great option if there is a dance floor and you want to encourage a fun and upbeat atmosphere.

A lot of people may think that a DJ is simply a luxury that some holiday parties may be able to afford. The reality is that having a DJ to handle the music is a necessity for a successful party. Keep reading to discover why your company party needs a DJ and what they provide.

Real-Time Music Selections

When you hire a professional DJ for your company holiday party, they handle the music in real time. This is very different from what would happen if you did not hire a DJ and had to go off a standard playlist.

Real-time music is much more immersive and allows the DJ to gauge the party’s mood. There are always high and low points in a party where the music may need to be changed to accommodate how everyone feels. A DJ can read the room and get everyone back on the dance floor or slow it down in the evening.

Immersive DJ Experience

Speaking of creating an immersive experience, a DJ provides this to any kind of party. DJs are not only able to handle the music needs of your party, but they often engage with different guests as well. They are entertainers in their own right and can help pump up party guests to get them excited about the playlist.

A DJ can change the music and take requests if anyone wants to hear a specific song. These all elevate the party experience and make your company holiday party stand out. This creates a more unique experience since the music can adapt as the party does throughout the evening.

Keeps Things on Track

Even the most entertaining parties usually have a schedule that keeps everything in place. This can be difficult to manage independently, especially if you’re also trying to enjoy yourself. This is where a DJ comes in, as their job helps set the party’s tone and dictate what people should do.

A DJ can pump out more energetic music when you want everyone to get on the dance floor and enjoy themselves. DJs can also slow down the music or create faint background noise when it is time for things to calm down.

Another benefit to a professional DJ is that they are there to make sure the music plays smoothly. It is not uncommon for there to be technical issues or interruptions, and they can handle this on their feet without your assistance. 

Company Holiday Party FAQS

Do you need to provide DJ equipment?

If you want to hire a professional DJ, the good news is that you don’t have to worry about providing professional DJ equipment. DJs come with their own equipment since they have preferences and are comfortable using specific types of gear.

There may be other types of equipment that you do need to provide, such as speakers, a DJ booth, and outlets. This will depend on the DJ you hire and the type of venue you have, so make sure you always clarify beforehand.

How long does a DJ need to set up?

When you are ready to start your party, you need to ensure your DJ has at least an hour to set up their equipment. This is the average time it takes, but ask the DJ how much time they need since every set-up is different.

How much does a professional DJ cost?

Most professional DJs charge hourly for their services or provide package deals, but some exceptions exist. How much DJ services will cost will depend on how long the event goes, the complexity of the music, and any additional services you want.


There is no better way to liven up a company holiday party than with a professional DJ. This creates a different experience than simply putting on a playlist for everyone to dance to.

They create the perfect touch to create an immersive experience that runs smoothly and adapts to the party’s mood.

Do you want to invest in a professional DJ for your company party? Contact us today at Epik Weddings to book a DJ that caters to your party needs!