Wedding photo booth services are top-rated at weddings. There’s nothing more fun than going to a wedding booth to pose with some decor, make wacky faces, and commemorate the lovely night with your favorite people.

But did you know there are various unspoken rules that you and everyone else should know before coming to the wedding booth to take photos? Proper wedding booth etiquette is paramount to ensure that everyone is having a good time. Keep reading to understand what you should and shouldn’t do.

1) DO Be Unique

Have different photo booth ideas that are unique and out of the ordinary. A photo booth is all about having fun. So get a little crazy with things, and don’t be afraid of getting loose and smiling big. You might just be surprised at how relaxed and happy you can appear.

2) DON’T Be Weird

While it is good to be unique, just remember to exercise a bit of restraint. Some may go overboard, making other guests uncomfortable or ruining the booth itself. Remember to leave the wedding photo props too. 

2) DO Take Multiple Shots

Most people may take a single wedding booth photo and call it a night, but it can be unsatisfactory. Instead, take multiple pictures in different poses. This will leave the married couple with many photos options.

4) DON’T Hog the Booth

Multiple photoshoots at the wedding booth are good, but try to avoid hogging the area for yourself. Keeping your place and just swapping people out doesn’t bode well for your image, and it can rub other people at the wedding the wrong way. Instead, get back in line with another set of friends if you want another round of pictures.

5) DO Leave Your Meal

Most people leave their meals and drinks when heading to the bathroom or going on the dance floor. The same should apply when you’re trying to come to the photo booth to take a couple of shots. The food and beverage spills will be inconvenient, but they may also ruin the wedding booth experience for others.

6) DON’T Cut the Line

One golden rule when it comes to a wedding photo booth and pretty much every other line with the wedding, such as the buffet or bathroom, is to stay in your spot. Using your connections to squeeze in and cut the line can be pretty improper, so avoid doing that altogether. Just exercise some patience, and you’ll indeed have your turn. 


Following this wedding booth etiquette to make the booth much more enjoyable, both for you and others. 

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