Every wedding ceremony, whether you’re having a small house wedding or a large wedding gathering, having the right music can go a long, long way.

A surprisingly common catastrophe in weddings is that brides and grooms leave the music in the hands of someone who isn’t skilled enough to make the mix for their special day.

As menial as it may seem at first, the soundtrack of your wedding plays a huge part in setting the stage for the atmosphere of the day.

Given the importance of having the right music for your wedding, it’s safe to say that you’ll need to leave your wedding soundtrack and audio in the hands of a skilled maestro to put the symphony together—and this is where a DJ comes in.

Why weddings and DJs are a match made in heaven!

Now, weddings and DJs may not seem like they go hand in hand. But, from traditional wedding marches to 80s love ballads and modern love songs, DJs are professionals who know which tracks the best suit a wedding scene.

Like film scorers in well-acclaimed flicks, DJs make sure that every part of the program is partnered with a perfectly-apt soundtrack, helping bring out raw emotions at the best and most appropriate times.

What do DJs do at weddings, to be exact?

Generally speaking, disk jockeys that are well-versed with performing at weddings—such as Reno’s own Epik Weddings—help couples tell their love stories in a variety of different ways, such as:

  • Planning a soundtrack or set of playlists from the start to the end of every program.
  • Setting up the sound systems to best compliment the acoustics of any venue.
  • Suggesting songs based on the “vibe” of a specific space or wedding proper.
  • Assisting in building the final schedule for the event itself and knowing when and where exactly they need to come in.

Why you should look into hiring the services of a DJ for your wedding.

Aside from the fact that you can’t mix and master the soundtrack of your wedding all by your lonesome, there are a few other reasons you should consider hiring a DJ for your wedding:

1. DJs can double as emcees

If you’re a bit tight on the budget but want to go all-out on your wedding day, then it’s best to get your DJ to double as your wedding emcee. For a small additional fee, your hired DJ can help set the narrative for your wedding by guiding guests through the event.

2. DJs can come to the rescue if anything goes wrong

No matter how near-perfectly you plan your special day, there’s a chance of a minor or significant inconvenience happening beyond your control. With the help of a DJ, however, you can smoothen out these small bumps in your event and help get the entire celebration back on track instantly!

3. DJs can help you with your wedding videography and photography needs

Aside from setting the soundtrack for the celebration itself, a skilled wedding DJ also has a team that can help immortalize all of the sweetest moments in your wedding with impeccable videography and photography services.

Epik Weddings, for instance, offers videography, photography, and photo booth services so you won’t have to worry about finding separate providers to deal with anymore!


With the help of a wedding DJ, you can ensure that your wedding will turn out precisely the way you wanted it to. In addition, by leaving the entire score of your special day in the hands of a professional DJ, you can guarantee that everything will be perfect in terms of music.

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