A wedding video contains captured memories of your special day. More often than not, however, they get confused with a “highlight reel.” What exactly is the difference between a highlight reel and a wedding video?

What Is a Highlight Reel?

First, let’s break down the basics. A highlight reel is exactly that — a series of clips of your wedding day weaved together to feature the best moments. It can be anything from a short clip of your walk down the aisle, your wedding vows, or your guests enjoying the reception.

Highlight reels focus more on important moments, collating them in a way for you to get a look back on those specific memories. Typically, this reel will have your chosen wedding song layered over it to represent your relationship with your partner best. 

Think of it as somewhat similar to a music video. If you are the type to want a sweet and brief overview of your best moments, the highlight reel video might be the kind of video for you.

What Is a Wedding Video?

Meanwhile, wedding videos are more like a movie. It tells a story of the wedding day, with the clips arranged chronologically, much like your typical, linear film. It also captures your special moments with cinematic editing.

Your wedding videographer will typically take creative liberties to make your wedding day look and feel like a movie. It will still show the day’s highlights, but rather than edited clips, it will have dialogue, a score, and more. 

Depending on the tools at your videographer’s disposal, cinematic shots will heighten this type of video. They can make use of drones, sliders, gimbals, and more. These are great ways to make establishing shots seem more dynamic. 

How Do You Tell a Story with Video?

Your wedding video should be representative of your love story. In this movie, you and your significant other are the main characters, and this is the story of how you celebrated your love for each other.

These videos should cover everything, from the aisle walk, the service right to the end of your special day. Each video should be unique to the couple. Sequential editing helps weave this tail, setting a tone and mood for the viewers. Jittery nerves, overall excitement, genuine happiness–these are best conveyed in story form. What better way to preserve these feelings than a film of your wedding day?

If you are the type to want to remember everything from that day down to the single detail, then you may want to consider having a wedding video. As a whole, it is different from the more fast-paced editing of the highlight reel. But it is a unique experience to help you keep the memory of your wedding day alive.

What Do You Want for Your Wedding?

When you decide what type of video you want for your wedding, make sure you collaborate with your wedding videographers. When they get a feel for the mood and tone you are looking to convey, the process will be much easier.

Similarly, you should research the works of your videographer beforehand. You can get a feel for their style and see if that matches up with what you want.


Capturing your wedding day through video is one of the best ways to preserve memories of that incredible day. Whether you do so with a highlight reel or wedding film, it will be great to look back on for years to come.

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