Planning a wedding takes time and effort. There are usually many people you want to thank as part of your planning process. Your groomsmen and bridesmaids help make your wedding day incredibly special and memorable, and it is common practice to gift them with something they can hold onto well past your wedding day. 

We gathered the best groomsmen gift ideas for all your guys! From unique to personalized pieces, find a gift he’ll love.  

These items will make the groomsmen feel special, which every guy wants. Of course, customized groomsmen gift ideas like engraved cufflinks are always popular, but many other options are available to choose from.

When to give groomsmen gifts?

Giving groomsmen gifts is a great way to thank them for their involvement in the wedding. The best time to give these gifts is before or after the ceremony. If you are giving them gifts before the wedding, make sure you do so two weeks ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is hand out gifts on your wedding day. 

8 Great Groomsmen Gift Ideas:

1. Classic Decanter Sets

Engraved decanters make an ideal gift for groomsmen who want to keep the party going after their wedding. Whether it’s whiskey from a well-known brand or top-shelf liquor, you will be there with them every time they raise that bottle in honor of your wedding day!

2. Customized Yeti Tumbler

The Yeti Tumbler is a great way to show your groomsmen how much they mean to you. It keeps drinks ice cold, but it also looks like a fabulous gift idea for any man in your wedding party.

3. Custom Groomsmen Bobblehead

If you want to give your groomsmen a unique and personalized gift, then a custom bobblehead may be perfect. You can choose any image or design you want for your bobblehead, making it easy to find one that fits perfectly.

These customizable figures can be made to match the wedding party or the groom. It’s up to you!

4. Embroidered Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are great gifts. They can be simple, elegant, and stylish. But, on the other hand, they are also very inexpensive.

5. Groomsman Golf Balls

A great groomsman gift can be a practical item or an entertaining one. For example, a golf set is useful for a groomsmen party who loves playing golf. This could be an especially great gift if the wedding party plans to hit the greens before the big day!

6. Sophisticated Cigar Holders

Cigar holders are a trendy gift for groomsmen. They make a great, classy gift that can be used to hold and display cigars. You can also hit up the local cigar shop and purchase a few cigars for the groomsmen to enjoy during the wedding reception.

7. Leather Dopp Kits

A Dopp Kit is an excellent gift for groomsmen. It can be filled with useful items such as:

– Personal care products (shaving cream, cologne, aftershave balm)

– Travel items (travel toothbrush, travel toothpaste, nail file/clipper)

– Grooming tools (comb/brush, hair clippers, and scissors)

8. Etched Pocket Knives

Etched pocket knives from small to large are a great gift for groomsmen. They also can be used as reliable tools for everyday tasks without being too expensive.


All in all, the best groomsmen gifts are ones that make them feel special.

It’s essential to thank your wedding party for their hard work on your big day, and these groomsmen gift ideas are an excellent way to do so. After all, they’ve been there with you through thick and thin!

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