There is something extraordinary about getting married and having your best girls by your side. Your bridesmaids not only help with wedding plans and put together your bridal shower and bachelorette party, but they also stand by your side as you say your vows. 

One way to thank your bridesmaids for their time and dedication is by getting them a gift. There are so many unique bridesmaid gift ideas to choose from. But, most importantly, you choose a gift that will mean something to you and your best friends.

When To Give Gifts

There are two notable times to distribute gifts to your bridesmaids. The first is at the rehearsal dinner. You can use this time also to toast each special lady as you hand them their gift. 

The second time to give a bridesmaids gift is the morning of the wedding. You will be spending a lot of time getting ready before the start of your wedding, so using this time to thank your bridesmaids is perfect.  

How Much To Spend Gifts

The first rule of thumb regarding how much to spend on bridesmaid’s gifts is to stay within your budget. It’s the thought that counts, and even something as simple as handwritten cards can be perfect. 

Pick a gift that not only fits your budget but also fits your unique style and personality. Giving a gift should be intentional and thoughtful. Your bridesmaids will feel loved and treasured no matter how much you spend on them.

10 Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

  1. Personalized Bridesmaid Pajamas – Think about all the time it will take for you to get ready the morning of your wedding, and what better way to spend that time than in comfy pajamas. You can have each set customized with the bridesmaid’s name. 
  2. Turkish Towels – Are you planning a destination wedding at the beach? Nothing beats a Turkish towel. Not only can they be used as wraps on the beach, but they dry incredibly fast and look fantastic!
  3. Monogrammed Travel Bag – Between the outfits, makeup, and shoes, your bridesmaids will have plenty to carry on your wedding day. Why not gift each lady a monogrammed travel bag. This will be a gift they can use way beyond this special day.
  4. Personalized Make-Up Bag – This gift is sure to get a lot of use and provides a great way to carry all the day’s necessities for the wedding. 
  5. Spa Gift Set – As you head off on your honeymoon for rest and relaxation, why not send your bridesmaids off with a spa gift set? If you have the budget for it, you could include a spa gift card as a thank you for all of their time. 
  6. Satin Bridesmaid Robes – Just like pajamas, giving matching satin bridesmaid robes provides comfort for the hours you will spend getting ready. And think of the adorable pictures you can capture when your entire bridal party matches!
  7. Pearl Earrings – Want to go a little extravagant? Pearl earrings never go out of style, and they can serve as earrings that each lady wears on your wedding day. Pearl earrings can vary in size and price, so you can spend time finding the perfect pair that will fit your budget.
  8. Bridal Party Beach Hats – If the beach is part of your wedding, bridal party beach hats are so fun! You can have them monogrammed with each lady’s initials or names. This is such a great way to show your love and practical side.
  9. Custom Initial Ring Dish – These ring dishes are a practical gift that can be customized and are inexpensive but useful. They come in all different colors and shapes. 
  10. Bridesmaid Satin Shoes – Between make-up, hair, standing during the ceremony, and dancing the night away, your bridesmaids will want to change out of their heels and into something more comfortable. Bridesmaid slippers are the perfect gift to keep your girl’s feet happy on your special day.


Thanking your bridesmaids for their time and support doesn’t have to be expensive. Just find the right bridesmaid gift idea that speaks to your heart, and no matter what you choose, your friends will love it.

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