Why have a wedding photo booth rental available for your guests?

For soon-to-be-married couples, having great photos of their wedding is a top priority. Pictures freeze beautiful moments and turn them into lasting memories. After the party, they are what remain to remind you of your most special day. 

While a wedding photographer captures important parts of your ceremony, candid moments with your guests are also priceless!

Because of this, many couples opt for a wedding photo booth rental during their reception. These create a fun vibe during your reception, and the pictures make excellent souvenirs! When planning for your wedding, knowing the best time to open the booth is essential. 

If you start too early, your guests may still be warming up and hesitant to try wacky poses. If you offer too late, on the other hand, they may be in a hurry to leave and beat the traffic.

Your photo booth rental is a unique wedding detail. To know how to make the most of it, here are a few things to consider:

1. Time Limit vs. Number of Prints

Before you plan when to incorporate your photo booth into your wedding program, know how the business works. Most wedding photo booth rental services charge by the hour or by the number of pictures they print. 

Timed packages offer unlimited prints but have a duration cap. So, for instance, if you book a two-hour photo booth, your guests can only line up and pose during that period. On the other hand, if you’re expecting many guests, you may want to rent it for longer to accommodate everyone.

wedding photobooth

You can also opt to pay for the number of prints. The photo booth will stay throughout your event. So, for instance, if you get a package for 100 pictures, that is how many pictures will be available for your guests.

Weigh your options against your budget. Usually, these packages cost the same when calculating the number of guests and cost-per-print. But, ultimately, consider what’s best for you and your wedding.

2. Different parts of your program: Cocktails, During Dinner, or After-Party

Photo booths are a means to entertain guests during a lull moment in the program. Some couples prefer the booth to be up and ready during cocktail hour. This is right after the ceremony and just before dinner is served. It is also an excellent ice-breaker for guests. Doing this also gives the bride and groom time for a quick solo photoshoot session.

photo booth fun

For other couples, announcing the photo booth is open is best during dinner. For buffet receptions, the queue for the food often gets quite long. A photo booth is fun for guests waiting for their turn to line up. This is also ideal for plated, sit-down dinners. Guests can mingle between plates and pose with friends.

If you want to capture wacky and crazy shots, you can also consider opening the photo booth during the after-party. Your guests will be drinking and dancing, which will be the perfect party mood for the funniest pictures! 

3. Don’t Skimp on Extra Hours

Before you book with your supplier, ask how much they charge for extra hours. Most photo booth rentals offer these add-ons at a very reasonable rate. An additional 60 minutes can accommodate many more guests. There will be less pressure on your program, and the bride and groom will have more time to join in on the fun!

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