Unplugged weddings are gaining in popularity as more couples begin searching for ways to create a unique wedding experience. Here’s everything you need to know about this trend.

Couples choose to have an unplugged wedding ceremony to enjoy their special day fully. This means that guests are asked to put away their phones, cameras, and other devices so that they can focus on the moment. 

It’s a great way to create a more intimate experience for the couple and their guests. An unplugged wedding means the couple can enjoy their ceremony and reception without any distractions. Guests will be asked to turn off their phones, cameras, and other devices so that they can focus their attention on the couple and the event. This ensures that no one misses a single moment of the celebration.

Not only does an unplugged wedding create a more intimate atmosphere, but it also allows the couple to capture every moment with their own wedding photographer. They can take pictures or videos to remember their special day without the interference of guests.

If you’re considering an unplugged wedding, there are a few things you should consider. 

Tell Guests About Your Unplugged Wedding Ahead Of Time

First, make sure all guests are aware of your wishes ahead of time. You don’t want anyone to be surprised when they arrive at the ceremony. 

Include the message on your wedding invitations, “we would like to remind all guests that it is important to turn off all devices during the ceremony.” This way, no one is surprised on the day of the ceremony.

unplugged wedding sign

Provide Signage And A Place For Phones

You’ll also need to decide if you’d like to have a sign at the entrance. This can be a great way to remind guests of your wishes politely.

If you want to ensure your guests stay on task during your party, try providing a cell phone storage station or baskets where attendees can individually tag and stow their devices safely.

Announce Your Requests During The Wedding

Ask your DJ, officiant, or someone from your wedding party to announce that you would like to have our unplugged ceremony. This is just one more way to remind your guests to put away their phones and be present with you.

Hire A Wedding Photographer

Make sure you have a plan for capturing the day’s events. This can include hiring a professional photographer and/or videographer. Photographers can focus on capturing the moment without having to compete and work around guests competing for the moment. 

This also allows guests’ faces to be seen for the photographer to grab the parents’ tears and other loved ones’ smiles. . This allows for more creative and unique photographs.

Overall, an unplugged wedding can be an incredibly special experience for the couple and their guests. It allows the couple to enjoy their ceremony and reception without the distraction of phones and cameras. With the right planning, an unplugged wedding can be a truly memorable event.

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