Writing your wedding vows can be a great way to express yourself and share the love you have with your partner in front of your friends and family. 

This article will look at how you can put passion into words and create something truly unique for your special day.

Set Ground Rules

Before you begin to write your wedding vows, you want to set some ground rules with your partner. Instead of thinking about your vows as a “writing competition,” set your expectations. 

Do you want to share inside jokes, or do you want to keep things more romantic? Would you like to share how you both met or your first date? Are silly, embarrassing stories off-limits? You will want to get on the same page about what will be included in your vows without hearing each other’s vows before the wedding ceremony.

Additionally, you will want to agree on the length of your wedding vows. Typically, vows should be between two and three minutes. Again, decide on the length.

Lastly, invest in a vows book, so you are not reading off your phone or a scrap piece of paper during the ceremony. Not only will it look better in photos, but this is an excellent keepsake for after your wedding.

How To Write Your Wedding Vows

Step 1: Agree on a tone and format.

Agree on the tone (think funny or serious) of your vows and the format you will both want to follow before starting to write your vows. The format could be like how we met, where we are, and where we will go (future).

Step 2: How we got here.

Your family and friends will love to hear your stories of how you ended up standing at the alter. Share a brief version of how you met, your first date, or your first time saying “I love you” to one another. 

Step 3: Why you say “yes.”

Share with your partner why you said “yes” to forever with them. This is the reason you are standing at the altar and looking into your partner’s eyes, and being able to give them the exact reason for marrying them is a special moment.

Step 4: Make promises. 

Traditional wedding vows are certainly beautiful enough to stand on their own. Use the traditional vows as points of reference for making promises to your partner. You will want to include what you promise to do in your marriage as part of your vows. 

Think about what you promise to share, how you promise to love, and how you plan to spend the rest of your life together. These are great jumping-off points for your marriage vows.

Step 5: Practice makes perfect.

Practice reading your wedding vows aloud to ensure you are within the set timeframe. The more you practice saying your vows aloud, the more comfortable you will be on your wedding day.


When you finally put that pen to paper, don’t overthink it at the start. Just let the words flow. You can go back and edit after you have put down everything you would want to say on paper. Ask close friends and family for advice if you get stumped, and remember that your maid of honor and best man are the perfect people to practice your vows with.

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